Choosing Your Reel

Why Hose Reels

There are many reasons hose reels are install in factories, warehouses, workshops and on vehicles. Any business that utilises hose of any kind could benefit from more controlled hose operation, increase safety, lower costs and an increase in efficiency.


Having hose stored on reels means it is where you want it when you need it.

It is also ready to use. There are no tangles and kinks so no time is wasted, even on the small jobs.

workshop hose


tripping hazard


Accidents happen no matter how careful we are. But there are ways of reducing these risks. Hose reels is one of them. When hose reels are install hose is more likely put away and is off the floor and away from any potential tripping.



Carelessness costs and while hose may seem a consumable product that is cheap to replace it can last much, much longer. Industry experts believe that hose store on reels can last up to FIVE times as long as without.


retracts 80% slower than conventional hose reels


With less damage to hose there is naturally less expensive waste products through leakages. And double benefits if your product is hazardous such as oil which could pose further tripping and slipping hazards.


There are also added benefits of the visual appeal to a professional looking workshop or factory.

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