Choosing Your Reel


One of these hose reels is a conventional spring retractable reel and the other is an EZ-Coil®.

To look at, they are identical in every way apart from the small yellow logo on the guide arm.

ez-coil hose reel comparison


hose reel components

They both have the same high quality ribbed flanged, the same one piece full flow brass swivel, the same factory matched spring and solid axle and the same high quality build process the you would expect from every CRI hose reel.


Except one small detail. The Patented EZ-Coil bearing.


But why choose EZ-Coil®? Here is an example.

An operator accidentally unlatches the reel and lets go of the hose and tool he is using.

The conventional reel begins to retract uncontrolled and picking up speed. If the hose has been pulled out to 25 metres, by the time the hose hits the reel it could be traveling at up to 7.5 metres per second and create in impact that could easily break to spring, guide arm and worse still, injure anyone stood in the way.

The same scenario played out with the EZ-Coil®  hose reel is very different. The EZ-Coil®  bearings slow the retraction by up to 80%, the hose speed never reaches above 2 metres per second, no damage is done & no personnel are injured.

retracts 80% slower than conventional hose reels

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