Choosing Your Reel

Types of Hose Reel

Even though we have nearly 3000 unique hose reels available they all fall into three main categories.
spring retractable, manual rewind and motor driven reels


OPERATION These reels have many names, auto rewind, spring driven, spring rewind, auto retractable and so on, but they all mean the same thing. As the hose is pulled out it puts tension onto a spring (usually in a cassette) When the operation is complete, the tension on the spring allows the hose to be rewound back onto the drum reel. Simple.

LIMITATIONS Because the rewind method relies on the internal spring there are certain limitations to the length and I.D. that a spring rewind hose can store. As the hose is pulled out the tension on the spring increases making it harder and harder to pull. 30 metres of 25mm hose is generally the maximum hose a spring retractable reel can hold.
What is also important to remember is who is operating the hose reel. Sean who is 6ft and works on an oil rig is much more capable when pulling out 30 metres of hose than say, semi retired Geraldine who works part time in the food processing plant. For this operation it maybe better to get a manual reel.

typical ceiling mount installation


tripping hazard


OPERATION For longer, heavier hose a different method is required.

Direct crank uses a handle attached to the drum and one turn of the handle produces one turn of the drum. Direct crank hose reels can handle up to 60m of hose. It is possible to have more especially for thinner hose and a bevel gear system is available on some models.

This method is extremely economical and perfect for long hose applications where no power is available.

LIMITATIONS This method can be physically intensive and therefore time consuming.



Motor driven reels can be used for all applications providing there is power available. We can supply the following motors.

  • 12v DC*
  • 24vDC*
  • 115v AC**
  • 230v AC**
  • Air 4AM
  • Air 6AM
  • Hydraulic

* Available in explosion proof & non-explosion proof
** Explosion proof only

LIMITATIONS There are very few limitations with length and I.D.but this method of course needs power.

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