Fire Hose Reels

rapid response quad bike with 1125 hose reel attached

Common Applications

  1. Powder Dispensing

  2. Jaws of Life

  3. Quick Response Vehicles

  4. Water delivery

  5. Foam Dispensing

  6. Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF)

Using hose reels for fire fighting

We supply to the fire industry because in this industry quality matters.

Powder – Our reels are proven to supply powder with only minimum drop in delivery due to the specially designed fluid path.

First Response Vehicles – Lightweight hose reels fit on specially designed ATV’s for quick first attack on forests fire and remote locations.

Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) – We can supply a complete set of reels depending on the appliance requirements.

Why our reels?

  1. Quality

    Long lasting, hard working hose reels capable of getting the maximum work done, every day.

  2. Selection

    The full choice of lightweight and heavy duty reels and accessories – whichever fits best with your immediate and long term needs.

  3. Expertise

    We can help you choose the right reel for the job & we know that is the one that works best for you.

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1600 Series
  Specialised OEM hose reel The 1600 Series has been developed with a basic frame and has a wealth of configurations to fit with your size and weight restraints and an array of options...
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