Pressure Washing Reels

a man cleaning the pavement using a pressure wash hose reel

Common Applications

  1. Pressure wash

  2. High Volume Fluid Transfer

  3. Detergents

  4. Steam Cleaning

Using hose reels for pressure wash.

Safety & Reliable... We supply solid, rugged reels so you can maintain maximum safety standards without the worry of expensive down town caused by equipment failure.

Long lengths of high pressure hose for both manual and spring rewind make our reels the obvious choice. Our spring reels feature the SuperHub axle offering strength and durability by supporting the shaft in multiple points making our reels perfectly suited to mobile vehicle mounting.

Versatile – Our range of pressure wash reels are designed for mobile or static installations.

Aluminium Reels – When compare to standard steel reels the ultra lightweight Alumi Pro made from aluminium offers a considerable weight saving on vehicle mounted applications.

Why our reels?

  1. Quality

    Long lasting, hard working hose reels capable of getting the maximum work done, every day.

  2. Selection

    The full choice of lightweight and heavy duty reels and accessories – whichever fits best with your immediate and long term needs.

  3. Expertise

    We can help you choose the right reel for the job & we know that is the one that works best for you.

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ME-074-5505-318 Water Hose Reel Stainless Steel CFX-500 For 10 mm ID 18m
SM12-3-100-BGX Manual Rewind for 30m of 10mm for Air or Water hose
SM “Side Mount” hand crank hose reels are lightweight, compact, versatile reels. Save time and effort while increasing the safety of your work environment. The sturdy “U” shaped frame and all ...
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