Welding/Cutting Reels

a fabricator in a welding mask with a oxy propane tourch

Common Applications

  1. Supplies Oxy/Acetylene & Oxy/Propane gas

  2. Suitable for Engineering & Fabrication

  3. Same Side Swivel For Easy Installation

  4. Supplied with or without dual hose

Using hose reels for welding & cutting

Dramatically increase safety when oxy/acetylene gas for welding or cutting.

Welding & gas cutting is hazardous already without tripping over hose. We supply dual inlet reels for both oxy acetylene and oxy propane gas that can keep hose off the ground reducing the chances of tripping.

Reduce the chance of catastrophic leaks - When using hose reels, the chances dangerous gas leaks are greatly reduced and the life of the hose increased. All our reels are supplied with siamese style hose rather than metal clips further increasing safety and convenience.

Both Connections on the same side – Many reels have a hose connection on either side of the reel to separate the gas as it travels through the swivels. Our single swivel has dual ports for positive gas separation but allows the hose to be connected on just one side.

Why our reels?

  1. Quality

    Long lasting, hard working hose reels capable of getting the maximum work done, every day.

  2. Selection

    The full choice of lightweight and heavy duty reels and accessories – whichever fits best with your immediate and long term needs.

  3. Expertise

    We can help you choose the right reel for the job & we know that is the one that works best for you.

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OA815-001 Gen III ReCoila for 15m of 8mm for Oxy/Acetylene hose
Heavy duty UPVC spring driven hose reel for cutting gases, the reel comes complete with 15mt x 8 siamese oxygen acetylene hose. The hose terminates in a 3/8" BSP LH & RH female with check valves. Inle...
SG19W-175 Spring Retractable for 23m of 6mm for Oxy/Acetylene hose
SGW Series expands the capabilities of the “Side Mount” spring driven hose reels, adding a multi-position guide arm for maximum and convenient hose control. Ideal for tight spaces, the versatile S...
SHW-N-150-BGX Spring Retractable for 15m of 6mm for Oxy/Acetylene hose
P-W & SHW Series spring driven “Welding” hose reels are the ideal solution for managing bulky twin line welding hose. The PW Series, like the P Series, is more compact in size and shares the reput...
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